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WEEK OF MARCH 7 - MARCH 11, 1983
Convinced that his romance with Liz was over, Neil asked Marie to marry him. Renee was devastated that Stefano died of a stroke after warning her to stay away from Tony. Anna consoled Tony when blood tests proved that he hadn't fathered Liz's baby. Liz backmailed Tony to stay off Neil's back and give her her baby and her freedom in exchange for silence about Tony's love for Renee. Trista settled into the hospital nursing school. Maggie smooched with Don and gave Eugene romantic advice. Anna and Alex were relieved that Stefano kept mum about their dirty deeds. Don encouraged Gwen to date other guys.
WEEK OF MARCH 14 - MARCH 18, 1983
As Maggie and Don grew closer romantically, Mickey escaped from Stefano's Caracas hideout. Neil and Marie eloped. To everyone's horror at Marie and Neil's wedding celebration, Tony blurted out that Neil fathered Liz's baby. Anna spied on a devastated Tony who learned Renee is pregnant by David. Trista won Eugene's name-the-robot contest, but refused the prize -- a date with Eugene. For financial reasons, David was upset about Renee's pregnancy. Neil insisted he won't let Liz leave town. Roman confided to Marlena he's a secret agent.


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