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May 10 2014, 10:16 PM
Speaking of babies, Bradford's wife gave birth to their 2nd daughter on May 2. Nice Mother's Day gift for the couple. I hope Maxie gets at least partial custody this time. She needs to take parenting classes. I wonder if the judge was denied the right to see his children. His reason needs to be addressed more. But Maxie needs to do more to make a good impression besides take a soul searching trip, and fast. The trial is coming up soon, the 6 month period is almost over. I hope Ellie comes back too, I really liked her. I wonder if she will have detachment problems regarding Georgie, but she has to know that she would have to say goodbye sometime. Maybe taking care of Georgie had persuaded her to have her own kids with Spin.
First congrats to Bradford and his wife on the birth of his 2nd child.Now as far as him coming back as Spinelli i think this upcoming visit will be a short one but it could set up something longer later.For example i could see Spinelli testifying for Maxie and say his daughter needs her mom in her life.Plus once Maxie gets her rights back Spinelli might decide for now it's best for now that he and the baby live in Port Charles.That way Maxie can get to know her daughter without having to travel across the country to do it.Ellie because of her job might be forced to stay behind.However Spinelli might assure her that he'll be back but i could see Ellie knowing that Spinelli and Maxie spending time together with their daughter could change things and just wish him well and also tell him she won't hold him to any promises he made to her.
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