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I have such an awful feeling Woo wins. Sigh. I don't know why but I do. I hope not. Because he literally hasn't started playing until Day 36.

Spencer and Tony deserve to win, hands down, and to a lesser degree Kass, even though the woman is clearly insane. Then I'd even say Trish would deserve it over Woo. Who I like but his dead-eyed sufer stare drives me nuts. 'Duuuuuude. Wooooow. Huuuuuuge move."

Ugh. Spencer mocking him that one time was hilarious. I'm pulling for Spencer so much. I expect to be disappointed but I'd love to see him win. I feel like he's destined to be a Cirie or Malcolm. Gets screwed but stays EXTREMELY popular. He needs to pretty much win whatever immunities are left. Although I also think Tony could be in trouble at four. Kass and Spencer are hopefully smart enough to know he can't play his idol at four. But it should be interesting either way.

And Tasha. I miss her. Her interview with People was fantastic. She has such a good attitude and LOVES this game. It's also nice that everyone was a fan of the show and was there to play. She says she'd go back right now with the clothes on her back if they called.

I also just listened to Trish on Dalton's EW podcast and she still despises Kass. Calling her vile, saying she made her skin crawl. And they asked her if she had to be stuck on the island with either Lindsey or Kass, she hands down said Lindsey and even went on to praise Lindsey a bit saying they had some things in common and Lindsey had a good personality but was just too wrapped up with Cliff.
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