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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

May 16 2014, 06:17 AM
*stops giggling*

I wonder if Lucas's history of "shooting" EJ will be part of the investigation, and Will will finally come clean about that.
It would really be a great way to bring this back full circle....but I am not sure they are going to do that.

When I first read the article I immediately thought that the cover and the article was misleading the readers to think that by the end of the week Lucas confesses to Hope that he did shoot Nick. I don't think that is the case though, I think the lie that Hope catches him in is that he did have contact with Nick but since he deleted the text he initially tells Hope he didn't. I wonder if Lucas in the interim gets wind that Hope is also focusing on Will and Sonny as possible targets and by the time that Hope goes back to Lucas to confront him that she has evidence from Nick's phone that Lucas did in fact lie to her and he did communicate with Nick that night and he also knew where Nick was moments before he was shot as the text Nick sent Lucas did provide Nick's location. The Friday spoiler for next week says that Hope confronts Lucas with incriminating evidence about the night Nick was shot and we have spoilers for the week after saying that someone confesses to the crime. I wonder if Lucas thinking that he can again absolve Will or Sonny from being suspects confesses to take the heat off them. I also think that the person that might confess might be Will, knowing that Hope is zeroing in on his dad, having Will confess to help his dad stay out of jail this time would be a nice way to bring angst to Wilson and have the show really showcase the bond that has always existed between Lucas and Will...it's a nice way to bring that back around after trying to destroy it the last couple of years.
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