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S loves EJ

May 16 2014, 07:47 AM
In addition to describing the final Ejami scenes as really emotional she said something that they were also difficult in different ways. To me that really sounds like he goes to jail or leaves Salem without her....IDK I still don't get that they will leave and get a HEA, something about the timing is off...if these two knew about a year ago that they'd be leaving and they told one another in November or around that time, the show could have written both of them off and had them both leave together on May 2 when JS last taped. Instead they keep her around for an additional two weeks....and it seems that the kids are around for those two weeks with her. Something happens to him that ushers him off before her.....and for some reason I don't think he dies.

Did anyone get the feeling that SOD didn't do an additional exit interview with James? The information on this interview that is attributed to him we've all already heard from the initial SOD release of the news of his leaving and other interviews he's done recently. It just seems so odd that AS would be so prominent in an interview about JS leaving the show...I could see one quote from her, but she was pretty much the one giving the interview about JS leaving. It's just odd to me.

Itīs possible that EJ leaves town first and then Sami will follow him. They could have Ejami reunited in a pretaped scene.

If Ejami donīt get a happy ending I think itīs strange why the actors seems to been hinting at that, unless maybe JS meant the Ejamis will be happy with how the story will unfold because they will finally get married and have a wedding but not a HEA. Still thinks the actors seems to happy with the ending for it to have a bittersweet ending with EJ going to jail and Sami being alone.
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