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Renee miscarried after a fall from her horse. Julie accused Renee of planning the accident. Recuperating from a heart attack, Mickey refused to go home with Maggie, but warned Don he would fight to win her back. Trista confided to Marie that she was haunted by her mother's murder. Tony rejected Renee's love proclamation, as he's a married man. Maggie told Don she still has feelings for him. Marie had a fit that Liz was keeping close tabs on Neil. Marlena and Roman bought a house. Gwen set out to win Don back. Eugene got a hospital engineering job.
WEEK OF APRIL 11 - APRIL 15, 1983
Anna lied to Tony she's pregnant after learning the first DiMera offspring will inherit a bundle of loot. Roman rescued Hope who ran away from boarding school and later fell from a car driven by a drunken friend. To get her DiMera inheritance, Renee moved into Stefano's house and schemed to stay married to David for one year. Gwen's law license was reinstated. Trista was reminded of her mom's murder when she found a gun in a trash can. A mystery man tailed Trista. Marie was upset by hospital gossip about Liz and Neil's relationship. Maggie and Gwen had a cat fight over Don.

COVER DATE: MAY 24, 1983

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