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May 14 2014, 01:26 AM
Honestly you guys can't really blame Hope for how she has been acting lately. In all honesty Steffy did try and broke them up. It all started when Liam saved her from drowning in her own bathtub. She went after Liam after that. This is on Liam too because he allowed for it to happen. Please don't tell me that you guys won't be upset if you see your boyfriend/girlfriend kiss another person. Hope reacted first like many would. She broke it off with Liam. Hope was never a waffler or whatever it is you guys call her. Circumstances (Bill/Steffy) kept interfering.

I really want Hope and Liam to get a chance without interference. They were cute together in the beginning before all this.
Your post is 100% correct and that's what I've been saying all along, Hope has never, ever been a waffler. That's onlyi what some haters call it but it's not one bit true and everybody knows it!!

That's all I've ever wanted, for Lope to have a chance without the outside idiots interfering and now there's psycho mommy trying to kill Liam. I'm so freaking sick of it!! :flipoff: That's for Bell who wom't make it stop. That being said, I think she'll choose Liam. She just doesn't kiss Weanie as passionately as she used to anymore. Also when he gave her that ring she never even put it on. If he thinks he can buy her love with jewelry and fun trips, he's very sadly mistaken!! If some other woman did what Skanky did with Liam when I was ENGAGED TO HIM, I'd scratch her ugly eyes out. :fight: Any woman would!!
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