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May 14 2014, 03:19 PM
May 14 2014, 01:26 AM
Honestly you guys can't really blame Hope for how she has been acting lately. In all honesty Steffy did try and broke them up. It all started when Liam saved her from drowning in her own bathtub. She went after Liam after that. This is on Liam too because he allowed for it to happen. Please don't tell me that you guys won't be upset if you see your boyfriend/girlfriend kiss another person. Hope reacted first like many would. She broke it off with Liam. Hope was never a waffler or whatever it is you guys call her. Circumstances (Bill/Steffy) kept interfering.

I really want Hope and Liam to get a chance without interference. They were cute together in the beginning before all this.

Hope defeated Bill plans when she got married in Italy. It was her mother and aunt who failed to destroy the video off the broken Ipad that imploded their marriage. Hope found the video, tore up the Italian marriage documents, and demanded a redo wedding. Steffy loses the baby and left Liam to be with Hope.
Now the only persons interfering with Hope/Liam is Quinn/Wyatt. If Hope was serious about Liam then she should have not entered a relationship with Wyatt. Hope is just like her mother, likes having two men fighting over her.
Nope, Skanky Steffy imploded Lope's Malibu wedding with the baby bomb because she knew Liam was going to marry hope. We must not forget about that!!
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