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May 17 2014, 04:16 PM
May 17 2014, 06:46 AM
The biggest skank on this show is Brooke. She is queen of skank with her schemes, manipulation, and the one eye tears to skank it up with family members and other females' husbands, fiancée, and boyfriends. Now Hope is slowly following in her mother's footsteps dating two brothers and kissing both. Enjoying all the attentions just like her mother. Hooray for Hope in turning slowly into her mother, no spin necessary. Eric you are my destiny, no Ridge is. Thorne you are my destiny, no Ridge is. Nick you are my destiny, no Ridge is. Deacon you are my destiny, no Ridge is. Bill you are my destiny, no Ridge is because Bill will be second choice to Ridge. :yahoo: :teehee: :lol: :cheer: :drunk: :blulaugh: B-) :applause: :popcorn:
Skanky is the Queen of skanks everywhere!! :whistle:

There is no evidence to your point because Brooke is the original Queen of skanks with her daughter turning into Brooke 2.0.
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