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WEEK OF APRIL 18 - APRIL 22, 1983
Doug was upset that Julie and Hope could not get along. Unable to resist, Neil kissed Liz. Maggie flipped when she found out that Mickey suspected she had had an affair with Don. Hope sympathized with David, who refused to move into the DiMera house. Renee hired Gwen to stall David's divorce. Anna seduced Tony and convinced him to accept his inheritance. Liz ignored Marie's warning to keep away from Neil. Daphne encouraged Renee to prove that Anna was pregnant. Alex agreed to fake pregnancy papers for Anna. Roman and Marlena remodeled their dream house. Hope came on to Oliver.
WEEK OF APRIL 25 - APRIL 29, 1983
Chris worried that Liz carried a gun after her assault by a mugger. Julie and Marlena were unable to quell the violent arguments between Liz and Marie. Gwen urged Renee to seduce David to stall his divorce proceedings. With Daphne's help, Liz lured Neil to her bedroom. Eugene smooched with Trista after a grandfather clock reminded her of her mother's death. Maggie told Mickey she hadn't slept with Don. Hope overheard Liz say that she hated Marie. Roman feared the consequences for Marlena if Anna decided she wanted custody of Carrie. Abe and Danny were jealous when Nikki dated Craig Daniels.


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