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WEEK OF MAY 2 - MAY 6, 1983
Hope hooked up with Bo. Bo couldn't get along with Roman, but he was smitten by Marlena. While Marie supposedly was out of town, Liz seduced Neil in his bedroom. Awaiting Neil's return from the hospital, a frightened Liz fired shots int he dark at an intruder. David fumed to realize Renee slept with him to stall his divorce. Realizing that he still had feelings for Renee, Anna struggled to hold on to Tony and the DiMera fortune. Don broke up a hair-pulling, name-calling cat fight between Liz and Marie. Maggie told Don and Mickey that they both could court her. Maggie went to Neil's house for help when Mickey suffered chest pains. Trista told Eugene that she was not ready for an involvement, then accept a part-time job with Alex.
WEEK OF MAY 9 - MAY 13, 1983
A panicked Liz fled the scene after realizing she had shot Marie. Maggie later found Marie. Liz confessed the shooting to Chris and Daphne, but feared the police would never believe it was an accident. Neil hovered over Marie who came out of a coma but is paralyzed. Mickey arrived to visit Melissa and flipped to find Don with Maggie. Daphne blurted out that she knows Anna is a criminal. Liz was shocked when Daphne said Stefano left a second will which disinherits Tony. Kayla and Trista rented Roman's old apartment. Hope and Bo resisted their attraction to each other. On Daphne's advice, Liz threw her gun into the river.


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