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Renee Dimera
May 20 2014, 04:08 PM
I'm convinced the writers had decided to write the Dimera family out entirely. Stefano was dead, Tony was revealed not to be a Dimera, and they've clearly already planned Renee's demise, probably only because of their intention to expunge the entire family (note the "Fearless Prediction" at the end of the article). I remember reading that Larry Welch was going to be the Slasher, but as the story progressed the writing team concocted the Andre/Stefano connection.

Seeing how the character is progressing, I think that Renee may be the first example I can remember of true character destruction. She was portrayed as generally sweet and appealing (with a lot of spunk and willingness to manipulate people a bit when it suited her needs). But she was sad, misunderstood and wanted to be loved and to belong. The writers (and I'm guessing particularly Maggie DePriest, aka Maggot DeBeast, also responsible for Frankie's murder on AW) made Renee so vengeful and evil toward the end (manipulating David, trying to kill Anna and her unborn baby).

At least they let her shine at the very end and show her vulnerability. After all these years, I still wish Philece Sampler were on this show. I can only imagine a 50-something Renee going toe-to-toe with Kate to protect "Daddy" from her clutches. :)
I loved Renee's character and loved Phelice as an actress. What Days has done to so many of the characters we all loved back in the day over the years just sickens me.
Yes, I would love to see Renee today taking on Kate. I know I'm probably going to take a hit for this one, but I never cared for Marlena when she came back in 91. She wasn't the Marlena I loved back in the 70's and 80's. I was a Wayne Northrop fan. What was done to him when he came back in 91 just disgusted me. No wonder he never wanted to stay on Days. I wish he and Marlena would have divorced in 91. Maybe he could have found a good woman. Come to think of it, I think he and Phelice would have worked out great together. JMO
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