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Sharongate, bitches!

May 20 2014, 11:42 PM
Bright Eyes
May 20 2014, 11:27 PM
May 20 2014, 11:22 PM
May 19 2014, 11:51 AM
They seem to have no idea what to do with Sharon, which is strange given her history with the show and the community. DTC once said she was his favorite character, but he'll ultimately only focus on Stacey's return, Ronnie's villainous turn, and obviously Shirley.

Should they try to lure Ross Kemp back as Grant to do Sharongate in reverse? Should they bring on some of Sharon's biological siblings? I don't think they know where to go with her, so it feels like she's a dayplayer.

Shirley was the first character DTC created when he was hired by Kate Hardwood as story producer in 2005, so no wonder why he's pushing her and why she seems to be part of every fucking story.
What kills me is that since Shirley is a DTC favourite, you just know she'll win Phil over Sharon in the end. It would be insulting to me if Phil chose Shirley over Sharon given the history (among other things)
That doesn't bother me. Sharon and Phil should never be a long term couple. They had to put them together when she returned because it's a natural beat, but Sharon is too good for him and always was. Him and Shirley deserve each other.
I'd agree with this as well. Phil and Shirley are damaged, that's why they work so well when they're on. Sharon is Phil dating up, but it never lasts. It probably won't last this time. But I'm not sure he'll choose Shirley over her, more Sharon will leave him and he'll default to Shirley.

Phil and Sharon aren't the love story, it will always be Kathy. Everyone else, Shirley included, is filling a seat. If I were to compare it to Days, they're Lucas and Carrie.
In the original Sharon/Grant/Phil triangle (which is EastEnders definitive story of the 90's, really), Sharon only fell for Phil because she saw him as a nicer, calmer side of Grant. Sharon and Grant were the real love story. Up until this return, it was Phil who loved Sharon more than Sharon loved Phil. The sad thing is Sharon got over what feelings she had for Phil when she returned in 2001 and they had that brief reunification. Phil left her because he couldn't bear the fact that she couldn't have children (Denny was a miracle child for her). Sharon went on to have another big love story in the 00's with non-bio brother, Dennis. Phil hasn't had a love interest as big in years.

Sharon is a recurring theme in the Mitchell brothers lives. When Grant and Kathy fucked in the late 90's, Grant told Phil it was payback for Sharon (who had been off the show since 1995).

In the absence of Grant, they probably feel forced to have Phil and Sharon together. But they really work best as friends.
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