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Sharongate, bitches!

In fact, during Sharon's first exit, Phil had become almost a non-entity to her by the end. She had fallen fully back in love with Grant, but couldn't go through with getting revenge on him after he humiliated her during the epic Sharongate reveal (which has been copied over and over again on the show, most notably with Stacey and Max during Christmas 2007). Sharon's plan was to get Grant to take her back (which he did) so she could humiliate him the same way he did to her in front of everyone in the Vic (she was planning to do that at their engagement party). She couldn't do it at the last minute because she realized she loved him more than that, but at the same time she knew she needed to leave because Grant was too dysfunctional for her.

I could understand them having Sharon get over what feelings she had left for Phil in the early 00's and needing to have them reunite to do that, but it's now strange why they ever bothered to have her and Phil together again, especially if it's to solidify Shirley and Phil somehow. Also, they totally wasted the reveal about Phil's part in Dennis' death (and this is the father of her only kid we're talking about and her last great love).


Tony Jordan was probably EastEnders best writer after the original creators. He was very instrumental during the Grant/Sharon/Phil story and reveal, wrote notably for Pat and Frank (including their epic wedding), created the entire Slater family in 2000, amount many other things. His episodes were always my favourite and he created so many big characters on the show.
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