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Congrats to Tony. I can support his win. I'm glad Woo wasn't another Fabio (SO pleased Kass mentioned this! She summed it perfectly. Woo was another Fabio).

Very disappointed that Spencer was voted out fourth but I saw it coming. I can't wait to see Spencer and Tasha play again.

I'm always disappointed at the reunion. People ignored like always. Why did Tyler Perry get so much time when they are always so pressed for time? Blah. I did like how they were live the entire time. I liked seeing the green room, actually. I hated how Jeff spent the entire first half hour basically focusing on Tony. At least he gave Tasha and Spencer their due.

And it's confirmed next season is an all newbie version of Blood vs. Water, in Nicaragua. But they learned from their mistake and will have water challenges. One of the biggest gripes (besides the dreadful cast) was that it was way too land-based and dry. I usually don't mind land-based seasons but I'm glad Nicaragua will have water challenges.

I'm mixed on them repeating this twist so soon. I truly hope we get a fantastic cast like this season and I love it like this season and enjoy it like I did BvW 1.0, but I really believe it only worked so well was because it had returning players (and many of them didn't play sixteen thousand times already) and their loved ones. I just am a bit concerned it won't work as well. And yes, Redemption Island is back (supposedly it will only return for BvW). I hope the season is great, but I'm just a wee bit concerned. They're on a roll and I'd include One World in it. I liked the formula of that season and the winner was great. It wasn't THE best season but I think it gets knocked a bit too hard.
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