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Lucas tells Kate that he was furious at Nick over the custody and he did take the gun to kill Nick but someone beat him to it. He says he didn't tell Hope this part of the story. Kate wants to know where her gun is, and Lucas said he threw it in the river. And Kate says Hope suspects you and now I do to. Then....Kate realizes that Lucas is setting himself up. (Meaning that Lucas is probably wanting to take the fall for Will again.)

HotNuBen talks to Jordan on the phone. He says that he did not tell Hope they are siblings. Ben says our secret is safe, he won't find us. Abigail comes upon Ben and after he hangs up he says everything is fine and he wouldn't expect anything but the truth from her. (He's not much of an actor, but hot.)

Jennifer is telling Abe about her Daniel angst. Maxine wants to know what's up with Daniel...and Daniel says he can't talk. She presses. And Daniel says he feels like he failed someone. (world revolves around st. orange) and he feels like he was a bad friend or something.

Nicole tries to talk Eric out of pressuring Dannifer into coming to Vegas.
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