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Bright Eyes
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May 22 2014, 06:51 PM
I haven't seen today's yet, torrent hasn't posted. But as I understand it only Phil has realized this?

Kat/Zoe had a drunken argument leaving the Vic, Zoe was going to leave for Spain with Uncle Harry (her mother's molester / father), and the "You're not my mother" "YES I AM!!" moment was the first time it was revealed to the audience and character. It was obvious, with Kat's feelings toward Harry, but not confirmed till that moment. Then Zoe carried on for several months like a stupid brat - running away, coming home, running away ...
Yes, only Phil knows. That's why it doesn't bother. The story has been significantly changed enough where it's not a carbon copy. We don't even know anything about the father, yet.

And you're dumb for still using torrents when you could be using UKSoapShare, where he usually posts the episode before 5:00 pm and you don't have to download it.
Edited by Bright Eyes, May 22 2014, 07:35 PM.
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