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That Kristen spoiler is *ridiculous* and it better be a red herring. She has no need to kidnap anyone except maybe Brady if he was doing drugs again and she was trying to get him to sober up. I'm warning you, Days writers, Do *not* botch this one up!

I bet it's definitely State that get married, yay!!! :P (And it's about time too!!!)

Intrigued by what Will's job offer could be??? Well obviously it has to be out of town. I would actually love it if he were offered a job at handling on of the DiMeras illegitimate businesses, lol. Those days when he was being EJ's "boy" ( ;) ) were pretty delicious :D

Yeah right, lol, as if Sami would ask *that* to be her maid of honor! lol, she would ask Eric or rather even Kate. Plot-pointy much? lol.
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