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May 23 2014, 06:41 AM
May 23 2014, 05:17 AM
Unpopular opinion (?) ...I like that Will confesses to try and save Sonny. Clearly the writers will most likely never have Will pay for shooting EJ but I do like that Will is thinking in a selfless (at least by soap standards) way and wants to take the hit for Sonny, at least in his mind. Of course the whole confession will mostly be worthless since Sonny isn't guilty but still... :)
I think Will has paid plenty for shooting EJ, in terms of guilt and almost losing his daughter twice and being blackmailed by an alive and well EJ who never bothered to tell the police who really shot him. Now, the other time EJ was shot is an entirely different matter.
I specifically meant jail time but I'm fine with Will never serving a day in jail for shooting EJ because, as you stated well, Will has paid for his crime in more ways than one and since he still feels guilty as hell over a crime he commited as a young teenager, I'd say that time in jail is definitely not even remotely necessary in this case. I appreciate that Will will never fully forgive himself or never believe that he still doesn't owe Lucas for what he did. Keeps him fairly realistically humble.
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