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Sami/EJ: Their wedding day arrives. Will EJ and Abigail's secret come out?

Abby needs to expose Elvis.

Nick's Murder: Ken Corday says that they "didn't really want to drag this story out". The killer is revealed and exits the canvas.

They don't want to drag this story out? Isn't it too late for that?

Big Returns: Kristen and Eve Donovan. Kristen kidnaps someone in Salem.

Oh yea, more villains. :sarclap:

Nicole/Eric/Daniel/Jennifer: A secret is exposed. Nicole blames Daniel. Jennifer does something surprising which leads to a fallout between Daniel and her.

Hello Jennifer and Eric :hypnotize:

Marlena/John/Roman: Marlena discovers a secret about Sami, and Marlena is jealous when someone else is interested in Roman.

Um, how is that anything about Marlena/John/Roman?

Why are they wasting time with this Roman/Marlena utter bullshit? :flipoff:

I think Gary Tomlin is Tom Langan's evil twin.
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