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WEEK OF JUNE 13 - JUNE 17, 1983
Neil took Marie home after making her realize that the cause of her paralysis had been emotional. Anna paid Woody blackmail money to keep mum that her marriage to TOny wasn't legit. For big bucks, Gwen agreed to Mickey's plan to let Maggie think that Don was seeing Gwen on the sly. Melissa helped Hope, who ran away after another tiff with Julie. A strange man tailed Hope. Liz was relieved that Maggie remembered talking with Marie right after she was shot. Trista was lured to a warehouse full of memorabilia from her childhood. Eugene was upset to read a hate letter from an old flame of Trista's. Hope befriended a troubled teen, Jane. Bo vowed to solve the murder of Trista's mother and also searched for Hope.
WEEK OF JUNE 20 - JUNE 24 1983
Trista ran from the warehouse without seeing Alex in the shadows. A lying guard told Gene and Bo that Trista never visited the warehouse. Alex paid the guard to skip town, but Gene found evidence that someone had rigged the joint. Hope was befriended by Mr. Randolph; he set her up with a john who beat her up for not getting cuddly. Melissa kept mum that she gave Hope money and knows her whereabouts. Liz denied Neil's accusation that she was present at Marie's shooting. Marie found an initialed scarf and remembered hearing a woman's scream. Anna used David to foil Renee's plan to meet Tony. Maggie suspected Don's hot for Gwen just as Gwen and Mickey planned. Trista realized her mother's killer is searching for the murder weapon.


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