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Sharongate, bitches!

I'm watching in reverse, but I'm surprised they remembered that Stacey and Sharon know one another during that quick scene when Kat and Stacey were walking around the square.

In fact, it's hard to believe now, but Stacey was one of the most unpopular characters on the show when she first arrived. I remember how much the forums hated her and how she was labeled as both a Janine and Kat rip-off/younger interpretation. It was her unique, almost brother/sister relationship/friendship with Dennis Rickman that got people to start liking her, and this was propelled by the time they first introduced Jean to make her a more sympathetic character and explain why she was the way she was.

Sarah Phelps, who was one of the show's best writers deserves a lot of the credit for making Stacey as a character work after the rather brosk reception she initially got. In fact, it was Phelps who coined the now catchy "Stacey Slater, ice skater" line of dialogue...
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