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May 25 2014, 07:56 PM
May 25 2014, 04:25 PM

Sorry, only a skank would think that her man wanted to have sex with her at her daughter high school graduation. She knew Ridge does not have the body of an twenty something Oliver, but it didn't stop her from doing the deed. Hope is the same way, she chided Liam for waffling between her and Steffy, but now she thinks it okay. Bell is writing Hope into Brooke 2.0 and her fans need to accept it. Both Brooke and Hope are wolves in sheep clothing, they will use you to their advantage and don't care about the collateral damages it cost in the long run.
Been watching B&B for twenty years, so don't call my comments BS.
It clear you cannot handle constructive criticism, so through as much BS my way and the truth will destroy it before it hits the fan. :cheer:
Again I have a right to my BS opinion and stand by it. Apparently I'm not the one who had a problem with constructive criticism!! It doesn't matter what we think about Oliver and Brooke. The show portrayed it as a case of mistaken identity and that's the only thing that counts. :cheer: I know the truth when I see it and that ain't it!! :eyeroll:

No it was not mistaken identity with Brooke/Oliver. It was the original SFTV thinking that her man wanted to have sex with her during her daughter graduation. She didn't care is someone walked passed them or heard them, she did because she was not the center of attention at the party. I guess it was mistaken identity that she became pregnant with Bill's baby and tried to get Eric to pass it off has is on child. Brooke is like a leopard and will change for no one and clearly the writers have decided to morph Hope into Brooke 2.0 by her waffling between Liam/Wyatt, her mother did the same thing to Nik/Ridge.
Besides any grown woman who recognize a twenty something young man body from a fifty year old man body in a heartbeat, Brooke only care about getting some attention at her daughter graduation party.

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