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WEEK OF JUNE 27 - JULY 1, 1983
Bo and Roman rescued Hope and arrested Mr. Rudolph and his would-be rapist friend. Hope later moved in with Roman and Marlena, who mediated rap sessions between Hope and Julie. Chris urged Liz to forget her plans to leave town. Neil fought his feelings for Liz and planned a solitary vacation. Don smoothed things over after Maggie heard Melissa say she saw Don smooching with Gwen. Daphne suspected there are other copies of Stefano's second will. Woody told Gwen he's blackmailing Anna. Alex told Gwen about his plot to marry Renee, and Gwen tried to speed up David's divorce. Roman and Abe looked for proof the mystery scarf belongs to Liz. Anna panicked when Tony seemed remote during phone calls.
WEEK OF JULY 4 - JULY 8, 1983
Liz and Neil rekindled their old flame when they found themselves at the same resort. Liz tried explaining to Neil how she shot Marie, but Roman arrived to arrest her. Marie's shocked that her husband rendezvoused with her assailant. Roman asked Bo to guard Marlena against tough hoods like Peter Jannings at the Right Connection. Eugene disapproved of Alex's attentions toward Trista, who's arranging student nurses' mixers. Gwen left a doubt in Maggie's mind about the supposed kissing incident with Don. Don panicked he won't be able to defend Liz since Daphne spilled the beans.


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