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I haven't been impressed with the casting the last few seasons. I enjoyed rooting against the racists last season but without anyone to root for it made for a rather boring season. The season before that was only watchable because of the coaches (minus Boogie), the newbies all sucked. It would've been better if they edited Danielle as the crazy bitch she actually was but instead they made her look like America's sweetheart. BB13 was such a snooze I can barely remember anyone that was on it. Same with BB12.

The best seasons of BB are the ones where you have people to root for and against rather than just hating the majority and being bored by the rest. That's what made BB2, BB3, BB6 and BB8 - BB11 so great. Ironically enough, those are also the seasons with the biggest house fights, which I also love.
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