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WEEK OF JULY 11 - JULY 15, 1983
Renee's plan to kill Anna backfired when Tony was injured in the rigged boating accident. Roman was unaware that Hope has a crush on him. To help his career, D.A. Larry Welch charged Liz with attempted murder. Hope testified she heard Liz say she hated Marie. Maggie told Don and Mickey she's through with both of them because of their fighting. Neil confessed to a devastated Marie that he loves Liz and will stick by her. Roman fumed that Marlena took Pete on as a patient. A court date was set for David's divorce case. Tony told Anna he knows she tricked him into marriage. Alex took Marie to his pad and demanded Neil resign from the hospital. Mickey agreed to handle Marie's divorce from Neil.
WEEK OF JULY 18 - JULY 22, 1983
Mickey told Gwen to seduce Don in order to drive Maggie and Don further apart. Sandy Horton returned and took an interest in Tony. Anna miscarried after saving Tony's life. Renee set up David as her alibi for the boat accident. Tony asked Mickey to handle his divorce from Anna. Alex steamed that Anna had let Tony live because Tony knew about her schemes. Liz was found guilty of attempting to murder Marie. Marlena learned that something in Bo and Roman's past had caused the rift between them. Bo went to Florida to check a lead on Trista's mother's murderer. Renee realized Anna had lied in saying that she once had been forced into prostitution.


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