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May 27 2014, 11:41 AM
May 27 2014, 11:33 AM
I truly don't mean to be rude really but look at Daniels face. What, honestly, is the point? I don't get it!! My blood pressure rises when I dare check out the Days fb page. Literally people there think he doesn't get enough credit. Am I watching the same show?! I'd want what they are on if it wouldn't make me so stupid! I haven't seen a monkey so front burner since Passions. And yea...that was a low blow. And yea. I don't care ;)
I will be BLUNT 85% of the people who post on the DAYS page on FB are what I call nutjobbers! Before I joined FB I didn't even realize how many insane people there really are. They are on other places too but the majority seem to be on FB.
First off, Miss Lola... Agreed!!! But I *know* it's designed for such purposes which makes me laugh! Lol ;).

WORD...the FB people are insane. I'm sorry but they are a whack attack of smack who derseves this flack. I'm not a mean person but they get my blood boiling. It's sad they kinda represent the people who watch days. They are the people flashbacks were invented for. They are the people who believe Daniel is the end all be all only because it's said every two minutes. They are the dumb down of this show and I have given up trying to communicate with them. All I want to do is give them a course in basic writing 101 because they sure as hell need it. I've found those who love Dannifer can't spell....obviously they can't see either.
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