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May 27 2014, 04:24 PM
May 11 2014, 03:59 PM
May 7 2014, 02:47 PM
Welp, as much as I love Katie/Ridge, Brooke called it when she said Ridge proposed in retaliation. Just as Brooke handed over the documents for the same reason. Katie and Bill are second choices. Katie knows it deep down, but she's going to trust in Ridge's word that he's done with Brooke. Bill on the other hand is completely egotistical and he can't fathom that he's Brooke's consolation prize. I really can't wait to see where Bridge goes from here in their little game of emotional chess.
How many times does Brooke have to say that she's in love with Bill before some will believe it? It's been seen on the show foe MONTHS that Bill has been trying to get her back because he's in love with her and vice versa but it seems to be ignored. Bill is not her second choice, RME!!
Of course Bill is Brooke's second choice. She begged Ridge to come back to her and used all her ammunition - designer dress, sexy backstory and the full RJ card but none of that worked. At that time she had told Bill she wanted nothing more to do with him.
Bill isn't Brooke's second choice, he's her first. She did all that stuff so that he'd reunite with Katie but Bill was done with her. She only begged Ridge to come back to put their family back together and to take her position as Lady of the Manor but thankfully it failed. He doesn't deserve her anyway and besides Bill treats her like a Queen which is what every woman deserves. He doesn't have any other women in his life either except as has been manipulated by that sick bitch Quinn who he doesn't want an has told her stupid ass so!!
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