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May 27 2014, 04:23 PM
Renee Dimera
May 27 2014, 03:58 PM
Such character assassination on Renee, turning her into a murderer. Thanks, Margaret DePriest, for destroying a wonderful character and then killing her off. :shame:
DePriest was very good at that. She's the one who refused to write for Doug and Julie again after Bill and Susan met with her to tell her they didn't like how out of character Doug and Julie were being written. Bill wasn't happy with how Doug was reacting to Hope. DePriest told him he didn't know anything about raising children despite the fact that he had raised five of his own (and for several years as a single parent).
I totally agree with both of you. I was also so disgusted with what they did to the Roman Brady character. When Wayne portrayed Roman Brady he was a MAN, a vital character to Days. Then they bring in Josh, as a "real wimp", pining for Marlena. It totally disrespected Wayne's portrayal of Roman. If Wayne would have played Roman, like he needs to be portrayed, he would have told Marlena to "go to hell" years ago.
I have nothing against JT, but he will never be Roman Brady for me.
It's such a shame what writers will do with vital characters.

Renee, Doug and Roman, the way they were written, was so heartbreaking for me. No wonder Wayne never wanted to stay on Days. JMO
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