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May 28 2014, 12:09 AM
May 22 2014, 04:02 PM
I swear they should just rename GH "Pretty Mobster Pity Party". It's just funny how pouty and indignant they get when someone close to them is on the receiving end of violence, as if we are to pretend it's the first time it has ever ever happened and some great unpredictable tragedy. And then you have the women so desperate for mobster penis that they line up around the block to comfort these sad creatures and tell them that they really are good men.

Meh. At least NotLuke doesn't pretend to have a moral standard.

Though I'm not liking him pulling a gun on my beautiful Nedly.
Entertaining as he's been so far, FLuke is totally on my s**t list for trying to off Ned. :whip: On the bright side, Ned is going to be keeping his eye on FLuke which provides him with a storyline that will hopefully keep Wally business in PC for quite a while. I want Ned to be the one to realize he isn't Luke and be instrumental in bringing FLuke down.
I've read that RC said Wally is sticking around and will keep appearing. Music to my ears!!! I can never get tired of Ned and his job isn't over in the Fluke story!
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