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As unpopular as my opinion(s) may be, I loved Sonny's reaction and have always loved Carly (all versions) with both him and Jason. Sonny's evolved so much since he was first brought on, and Maurice Bernard rarely fails in scenes / storylines like this. The character doesn't play games, doesn't target innocent people and doesn't target the children of his enemies. Julian clearly has no hesitation about it, and he should have known his boss would use that method - and he should have protected his family accordingly. But nope, he invited them to a dinner where they were all sitting ducks (while telling Alexis he could protect his family). Hoping Lulu and Tracy will put their heads together when they meet and realize they're not dealing with Luke (or at least not the normal Luke). I'll give credit to Tony Geary for his acting in this storyline - like Maurice he's showing his feelings with every fiber of his being. Excellent acting by both.
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