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May 28 2014, 07:19 AM
Help! Why are there 2 Romans?

That person-who-looked-like-original-Roman is an anomaly that we'd all like to pretend never happened.
The idiots in charge decided to hire Wayne Northrup to do a stint as a completely unrelated character "Alex North"
-- and the entire storyline was a #FAIL.

[Meanwhile we were and are still stuck with Josh Taylor as the tiic's official Roman (whom we call Fauxman).]

One of many complaints is that if TPTB ever wanted to re-hire Wayne as Roman ... then how would they explain AlexNorth? This leaves us stuck with JT as Roman.

Edit to add: I suppose Wayne-AlexNorth could be explained away by retconning him to be a previously unknown lookalike cousin of Wayne-Roman? I dunno. I'd prefer that AlexNorth was just a nightmare of Marlena's, and didn't really happen.
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