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May 27 2014, 07:09 PM
Omg, the diagloue between Brill is puke worthy, they are in the 50s, talking as if they are in a high school. When Brooke said that Bill's was sosphicated, I burst out laughing. There is nothing sosphicated about Bill, he is more of a cave man. Bill is second choice, Brooke will always want Ridge, she has obsessed over Ridge on and off for more than 20 years. It did not matter who she is with, the police officer she was engaged to, Eric, Grant, Thorne, Deacon, Nick, and coutntless others, it has always been Ridge. Thorne had to learn the hard way that it has always been Ridge, and he gave up a great woman named Macy for the skank that is Brooke who used him as a place holder for Ridge. When Ridge comes snapping his fingers wanting Brooke again, it will be Bill who. Then again, Brooke has been around the block so many times, it is hard to count, family members are her speciality. The last go around when she was pregnant with Bill child, she wanted to use Eric to pretend he was her baby's daddy. When it comes to B&B history, Brooke will always be the most pathetic and skanky Brooke Logan, or as Stephanie Forrester stated and Katie reiterated to Brooke, the slut from the valley (SFTV). :lol:
I am just waiting for Brooke to get with Liam and Wyatt.
Because, they are next on her list of person who hasn't gone through her free-way yet.
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