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We begin with Theresa and Brady. He wants to know her dealer's number although he also says cocaine is a bad thing. He's had some bad times with it (thought he's not acting like he'd turn some down).

JJ is looking for Rory. Paige is looking at a paper which is an STD test. Bev grabs it and says it's private and a STD test. Seems that Bev is going to make Paige think JJ has a STD.

Gabi is doing a ridiculous photo shoot at TBD. Abigail shows up and Gabi points out Ben is cooing over Ari.

Victor straight up accuses Sonny of killing Nick.

Hope tires to shut Will up and says he needs a lawyer. He says that won't change anything that he killed Nick. Will does not have the Salem brain today.

Victor is awesome. He says that despite Maggie's soft spot for Fallon he knew he needed to be stopped. And he says something about all the bullet's are used up. Victor says Sonny is stupid and he needs to get out of the country. Victor realizes that Sonny believes Nick did. He also has said the gun is a collector's item and it will be tied to the murder.

Abe reads Will his rights.
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