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May 28 2014, 04:13 PM
NE Spoilers for week of June 9th
Marlena lays into Sami and Kate over what they did to Nick

I can buy Marlena being angry at Kami ...
... if ....
the *reason* Marlena is angry is because ...
Kami chose in November to *not* to support Gabi -- specifically ...
-- Kami should have supported Gabi in reporting to police that Gabi hit Nick in self-defense after he tried to rape her.
Marlena should be all about supporting a rape victim, or victim of an attempted rape.

That's what I'd like to see Marlena be focused on: Gabi's right to defend herself from rape.

I really don't want to see Marlena whining about "poor Nick".

But who knows how the show will spin this.
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