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Hope was actually offered the position quite a few years ago and decided to decline the offer. I think that, if Haiden were going steady, they could potentially revisit Hope as commissioner, but there's no way she'd accept the position while essentially being a single parent.
Supergirl....I have no clue if they'd even think to go there or not, but there's really no way Hope would do that? I realize she and Aiden aren't doing a dadgum thing, but there was also "no way" she was going to be interacting with a new man if Bo weren't dead.
Well, TomSell are gonna do what TomSell wanna do & we can't do anything about Corday's stupid promise to PR. So, unfortunately, we're probably gonna end up with Hope being in a relationship with Aiden while Bo's still on his "deep cover mission".
As for the "Hope as commissioner" comment, Hope's main reason for not taking the job the last time was because she enjoyed being a mom too much & she knew that the commissioner's job would take up too much of her time. Now that she's a "single parent" her job is already taking up a lot of her time, so it would be out of character for her to accept a position that would result in her spending even more time at work. Plus, it's not like she's strapped for cash & needs a promotion.
I just don't get why you think these relatively minor things are untouchable when it comes to Hope when it's been seen under pretty much every regime that the writers will write whatever whether it's in character or not. There's just no such thing as "so and so would never do that." Written in character, I don't think Marlena would ever be this dismissive of Brady, and yet that's what's airing.
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