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May 28 2014, 11:20 PM
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Finally, I think I can understand Will's motivation. He was affected by his dad trying to take the rap for him again and I think he feels that Sonny killed Nick for him (everyone trying to do things for him). And I understand why Will and Sonny are not talking about this. Will didn't want to talk to anyone until it was too late. It's stupid but I can understand it.
I'll give the writers credit. Will is not supposed to be acting rationally. He's acting out of guilt and fear and the combination of both his father and Sonny being suspected for a murder that if either one did - they did it on his behalf just proved too much for him. The writers have laid a lot of groundwork for Will's guilt and his impulsiveness (as well as Lucas having role modeled that sacrificing yourself is noble) so that the behavior is not out of the blue. And refusing to get a lawyer is just part of the very obvious impulse to throw himself down as the sacrificial lamb.

As much as I hate that Nicole shredded those documents, I think the writers have also tried to explain her motives there as well. Though, it's more jarring since she was seen working so hard to clear Eric. But self-destruction is in character for her.

I can think of many examples where plot driven actions did seem out of the blue and there's been no attempt to explain it.

And I hope that Hope mentions that it's surprisingly common for people to confess to crimes they didn't commit once Will is exonerated.
I agree with everything, except Nicole. IMO, what Nicole did is not self-destructive...it was selfish. No two ways about it. She didn't care about Eric's reputation and his peace of mind. All she cared about is her "happiness". But also it doesn't make sense. It was out of the blue.

It served her right that the document was not shreddable.

About Will, I think his dad was a major motivation for his confession. He figured out what his dad was up to and he didn't want to have any part in it. He feels guilty about everything that happened to the people he loves because they were trying to protect him. His mom couldn't defend herself properly, his dad went to jail for him and now Sonny killed for him. Poor guy was consumed with guild. The dumb little shit has my sympathy.
The little dumb shit has my sympathy ahahaha
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