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May 28 2014, 11:53 PM
May 28 2014, 08:02 PM
I like Freddie/Sonny more than the pairing, but I still consider myself somewhat of a Will and Sonny fan. But even I couldn't get into that last scene because of how stupid what Will's doing is.

Is Brant Daugherty on any shows right now? I'm ready for Brian to come back now and shake Sonny up again.

Edit: I just gave myself an idea. They should have let Chandler stay on until this point, shipped Will off to prison, let Sonny have an affair while Will was away, and then brought Will back with a new face once they figured out it wasn't really him who shot Nick. That would've given us some time to let Chandler's version of Will fade a little.

I'm probably utterly alone in those wishes, but there it is.
Why does cheating have to be an option? There are other ways to create angst in a relationship without resorting to cheating.
While I agree that cheating isn't the way to go with WilSon, it wouldn't fit either of their characters anyway, I also agree with others that the guys need something dramatic added to their story and I'm not talking about Will making an utterly ridiculous confession because that isn't causing angst like I had hoped it would. It's just highlighting poor dialogue (from multiple characters) and massive holes in the plot lines.

Personally I don't see the writers breaking Will and Sonny up any time soon. They're all about true love and every time the writers bring on a new gay character they turn out to either be just friends or they are there to prop WilSon that much more. Again, this is coming from a big Will and Sonny fan but I'm not blind to reality either. Some people call WilSon Days' "token couple" and in some ways they probably are but I think that they are being careful with this couple for quite a few reasons and, tbh, as many people here want WilSon to break up to add drama, there are that many more elsewhere who want them to stay together.

What I would like to see is some drama and angst provided to the couple because of other reasons and this time it should be on Sonny's side. Ever since Sonny came to town, pretty much every dramatic story they've ever dealt with was because of Will. Now I want to see Sonny highlighted and with the last name he has, this really shouldn't be that difficult for the writers. Hell, with the fact that he owns his own club and Chad on his way back it shouldn't be hard to stir up trouble for him somehow. With Gabi and Nick both gone, Will and Sonny are going to be the happy married couple and doting Dads. Cute? Yes but something should be boiling over somewhere. Unfortunately, with the summer preview stating that it's Will, yet again, who will be bringing drama to their story, I'm quickly losing hope that Sonny will ever get any story of his own. They'll probably get their HEA within the next couple years without Sonny getting the much deserved and necessary spotlight. ^o)
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