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May 28 2014, 11:53 PM
May 28 2014, 08:02 PM
I like Freddie/Sonny more than the pairing, but I still consider myself somewhat of a Will and Sonny fan. But even I couldn't get into that last scene because of how stupid what Will's doing is.

Is Brant Daugherty on any shows right now? I'm ready for Brian to come back now and shake Sonny up again.

Edit: I just gave myself an idea. They should have let Chandler stay on until this point, shipped Will off to prison, let Sonny have an affair while Will was away, and then brought Will back with a new face once they figured out it wasn't really him who shot Nick. That would've given us some time to let Chandler's version of Will fade a little.

I'm probably utterly alone in those wishes, but there it is.
Why does cheating have to be an option? There are other ways to create angst in a relationship without resorting to cheating.
I'm not really sure where I said it "had" to be an option. I just mentioned something that popped in my head since I'm not really very happy with where the story is right now.

Plus, they've been spending a whole heck of a lot of time with "angst" in their relationship caused by other people - Nick, Gabi, Adrienne, Lucas... etc. I think it'd be interesting if their relationship drama was actually about/caused by them.

I know cheating upsets some people, and that's fine. I happen to think when soaps do it "just because", it often comes off contrived and stupid. So in general, I think it's lazy writing. But in certain circumstances, like the one I mentioned, it would make sense. Sonny might feel like Will unnecessarily went away from he and Ari by confessing, it might cause some relationship drama, Will is gone for a long time in jail and.. voila. Sonny breaks and takes comfort in someone else for a bit. And it would've given the audience a break before trying to bring on a new face for a pretty important character.

PLUS. I'm a sucker for the falling-in-love bit, and it would be nice when they brought on a new actor for Will, if they had told a love story all over again by getting them back together after Sonny's infidelity and Will's prison time. JMO.
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