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S loves EJ

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May 27 2014, 10:44 PM
May 27 2014, 04:24 PM
May 27 2014, 12:39 PM
My God it's just a tragedy that the writers are so determine to make Nicole out to be some horrible monster. I can't believe they even ruined her & Brady's friendship. He actually said she wasn't good for EJ out of all people..All Elvis did was made Nicole insecure in the name of Big huge mouth Samantha Brady..I'm really not liking Brady :angry:
The scene where Brady walked into his place stumbling drunk with a bottle in his hand summed it all up. Just o.d. already. What a useless character. Nicole and ej could have worked if it weren't for the writers insistence on going back to ejami. Have no doubt james and allie insisted on it.
Actually I would go as far to speculate that NBC and AS were probably the main reason Days went back to Ejami which I'll never understand why, considering Ejole were a perfect fit. Also at the time JS seemed to be pretty supportive of Ejole.

I donīt think either AS or JS had anything to do with the decision to go with Ejami, both said in an interview they were very suprised when the writers went with them.

I think JS was pretty supportive of Ejole at least before the griefsex it seems to me that both JS and AZ interest went down after that. JS said in an interview in 2012 that it was about time the writers would go for Ejami. He also said in the same interview that he thought they could have done more with Ejole. It seems to me his first choice was that they would go with Ejami, but that he wasnīt against them going with Ejole. I can understand if those who likes Ejole doesnīt like to hear that but if he isnīt interested in Ejole I would think it would be better to know that since then Ejole would never happen anyway. Maybe JS would have left a year ago if they hadnīt gone with Ejami. Still that the writers went with Ejami might be good for Ejole or Ejabby too if it has been a dream of his it might be easier to be happy and satisfied with some other pairing if he first gotten his dream instead of always wondering what if.

It seems in some interview that JS isnīt interested in seeing EJ outside of Sami but itīs possible that he just canīt pimp more than one pairing at the time only time will tell if he will be back. I wouldnīt mind being proven wrong and see EJ with someone else, but I think it will take a least year before he might come back.
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