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Sweet and Salty

May 29 2014, 12:08 AM
So, I just watched this episode (I was catching up on some much-needed sleep when it originally aired), and as I expected, that spoiler about Marlena's "jealousy", and all of the uproar about it here, was really much ado about nothing. It didn't even play out as jealousy to anyone other than Roman.

It's interesting that the writers are now saying that J.J. isn't a virgin when it was heavily implied that he was during his almost-hookup with Theresa on the night of her overdose. And he just reminded Theresa recently that they never actually slept together, so we know they're not retconning that.

I'm looking forward to Sonny figuring out that Will only confessed to protect him.
Will confessed to protect his father. Well, I guess Sonny too, but I saw it as protecting Lucas.
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