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If Sami knows, she just found out, IMO -- in fact, I can pinpoint exactly when I think she found out. She got a phone call late in the Wednesday, May 21st episode, and she said something like, "I'll be by to pick those up myself." The next time we saw her was at Arianna's birthday party, where Will mentioned that she had received a text message earlier that she hadn't been happy about (one that we never saw her receive), and she had that off-screen conversation with Kate. There's definitely something more to that than we've been given thus far, IMO. But I don't buy the theory that she has always known. The Friday, May 23rd episode was the first one where I could see it being reasonable to suggest that she knew E.J. and Abby's secret.

In any case, if she does know now, I don't think that Nick sent her the photographs (mainly because I don't want Nick to get the last laugh, since I can't stand him, but beyond my own personal bias, it also doesn't make sense that Nick would only have a contingency plan in place for leaking that piece of incriminating evidence without also leaking all of the other incriminating evidence he had amassed). Instead, I think that she received a phone call from E.J.'s cleaner, who stupidly agreed to hand her the evidence he had collected from Nick's apartment instead of giving it directly to E.J. Sami thought she was picking up the photographs of the river incident, and she got more than she had bargained for.
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