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May 29 2014, 01:54 PM
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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepWhat did Eileen Davidson say to you when you finally saw each other face-to-face after you both landed nominations?

ERIC: We worked together the other day and the director was very funny and he said, “Quiet on the set. We have two Emmy nominees on set here!” (Laughs) Eileen is a lovely woman. She ripped out probably the best I have to offer in this soap genre, and you probably are as good as your co-star. She may not have been in my reel, but she was a big part of it. Eileen is very gracious. I understand why the soaps are throwing their hooks out at her. If I was a producer, I would want her too.
I, actually, had the same question. Was it something particular that seemed to be odd in his answer or was it odd because the answer was slightly ;) OT in general (given the question asked)?
Just that it was rather OT. I mean, the question as asked was pretty straightforward and he went off on this tangent, lol.
Ah, okay. You're wondering why he didn't answer the question he was asked, really. Have no idea, maybe it was something of a more personal nature and he didn't want to get into it.
Yeah. Maybe he thought it was too egotistic to say compliments about himself (if that's what she's said to him and, I think, it had to be compliments. I mean, what else could it have been?).
It is also possible that he didn't hear the question correctly because they usually don't do those interviews face-to-face.

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