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Is this Nik/Liz/Ric just a non-story for anyone else?

Liz just seems to be the placeholder for male characters they don't know what to do with. I like Liz. I grew up with Liz, but Liz isn't the most selective about her bed buddies. She's a pretty easy lay. If someone shows interest, she's probably going to hit it, and as a consequence, I no longer have any idea about what Liz is looking for in a man, other than functioning manparts.

Nik is another one who just doesn't seem to get how a relationship works. Ric isn't good enough for Liz but Nik doesn't acknowledge how incredibly flighty he is. He may be rich, he may have an obscure noble title and a castle, but I'm not particularly sure he understands what monogamy is.

And then -- why is Ric in town? Why does he suddenly want Liz back? Is that why he's in town? I just...is he in town to be fingered by Julian? Could they not have even pretended to give his character a reason to come to Port Charles.
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