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John offered Theresa a job overseas in a scene at the pub...did they forget that they already wrote & aired that bit? :shrug:

As far as John & Marlena treating Brady like a 4th grader, that's an insult to 4th graders. Brady was told by anyone & everyone that Kritter was bad news & guess what, they were right!! At this point, I'd love to see John say "I love you" and walk away from the jerk - let him hit rock bottom, then get him in to rehab when he does. Brady needs tough love, not hand-holding.

Real Kristen would never have gone such a direct route to her target - J&M.
Real Brady would have never given Kristen the time of day.
Real Marlena would never have let Kritter out of her sight, let alone into her sons life - she'd have gone to Stefano and called in a marker to call the bitch off.
And if all that failed, Real John would have come up with a plan that would not only have ended Bristen, but would NEVER have risked his marriage in the first place.

It's not just lazy writing, it's shitty writing.
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