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May 30 2014, 10:43 AM
May 30 2014, 10:24 AM
May 30 2014, 12:39 AM
It's frustrating. It's frustrating because both Brady and John are acting ridiculously, and neither is rootable. It's annoying that John treats Brady like a fourth grader and it's annoying that Brady acts like a fourth grader. Meanwhile, I wasn't aware Marlena treated him like anything, and the last I saw of them even acknowledging each other (which was months ago unless Marlena mentioning him to John counts), they were getting along again.
And one thing that has been particularly obvious in all this is: Exactly as you said, Marlena was all about Brady and protecting him last year when he was with Kristen. When in the world have they now had scenes after the wedding? I mean really? I not only do not remember them having next to no scenes at all, Marlena doesn't even talk about him. And what's even more glaring, probably, is that last year they tried to portray Sami and Brady as these "yeah we've always been so close" -type of siblings. And Sami was supposedly *so* much looking after him and so protective (which I never bought anyway) And, yet again, after the wedding, where in the hell has she been in Brady's life??? Have they even has scenes? I don't remember her mentioning him except that one time with a throwaway line to Eric last week. That level of hypocrisy and so called caring and how it seizes to just simply exists is astonishing, especially since both of these people were just really all about Kristen. Once she left, so did their interest.
It seems like the show just didn't know what to do with itself after the Bristen wedding. Sure there was the ripple effect in everyone's relationships, but the execution of that effect was poorly done. I suppose they'll ramp up again with Kristen's return, but they really need to stop writing crap in between Kristen being in town.

ED should be able to breeze in and bring Kristen's special kind of crazy to the table for a few months and then breeze off while Kristen plots her next round of revenge. Salem shouldn't be repetitive and boring as hell just because Kristen's not in town. At this point, I'll be rooting for Kristen to rain all manner of crazy on Brady, John, Marlena, Eric, Nicole, Daniel, Jennifer, Abigail, Teresa, etc. because none of them are the least bit likable in their current incarnation.
I think it's really sad and lazy that these writers only seem capable of writing for characters like Kristen and Theresa and Sami.
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