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On Monday, Chrishell and Kassie worked. Ali presumably worked because she told a fan she would be there all week.

Chrishell7: #Days fans are in for a treat when @KassieDePaiva airs! Watching her on the monitor and she is bringing it!!

Alison Sweeney @Ali_Sweeney 14h
@MollyMay410 yowsers. yes, i'm there all next week.

On Tuesday Guy, Casey, Freddie, Kevin Riggins, Drake, and Deidre all worked. Once again, Ali presumably worked. Drake and Deidre were still on the hospital set. A fan tweeted Celestin Cornielle who recently tweeted he was working at Days. He confirmed he will not be playing the same cop he played before and will instead be Miguel. Wally again confirmed he’s not working at Days.

Guy Wilson @THEguywilson 4m
G'morning! #days #WilSon #MosSon @1CaseyMoss pic.twitter.com/s7NwDvSYYx
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Casey Moss @1CaseyMoss 15m
Nu-Wolf Pack @nbcdays #days @THEguywilson @freddiemsmith @KRiggin815 pic.twitter.com/C50i8FFwe1
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Deidre Hall @DeidreHall 5m
Ha! Grabbed this after a scene. Blurry, but knew you wouldn't mind! http://fb.me/2xW7TAvBf

TheDaysTruth @TheDaysTruth 5h
@CelestinTwitts Excited to see you back on Days!! Are you Officer Moreno again??

Celestin Cornielle @CelestinTwitts 2h
@TheDaysTruth I have actually been rebooted as a much more fun character, Miguel. Expect quite a splash from him come September ;)

wallykurth: “@NonniSandy: @wallykurth How about Days??” // honestly, I have nothing coming up. :(

Ali, Casey, True, and Kevin Riggins worked.

"Thank you so much for being so amazing!!! #daysfansarethebest XXOO"
direct link to the actual mp4 video file:

Casey Moss
Posted Image

Guy, Casey, Jen, Lauren Boles, and Ali all worked.

Guy Wilson @THEguywilson 1m
Early morning in the makeup room w/ @1CaseyMoss #Days #MosSon
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jen_lilley: Hanging out with my little cousin Ciara :) nbcdays #Days #DOOL ♡ #LaurenBoles http://t.co/9UQlb4w4Lm
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Jen Lilley
https://twitter.com/1CaseyMoss/status/469619987519254528[/quote]Posted Image

Alison Sweeney @Ali_Sweeney 6h
Thank you @Rogue_EJami !! Gorgeous & thoughtful. Love them & you!! pic.twitter.com/UrBOOrqhrH
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Eric, Ali, Bryan, the Rose twins, Kate, the Udell twins, Guy, and Deidre all worked. Other people were on set, but it’s not clear who worked and who was just there for the party. In attendance from the current cast were, Joe, Drake, Josh, Kristian, Terrell Ransom, the Kunitz twins the Baca twins, Wally, Judi, Peggy, Ari, Shawn, Greg, and Galen. Previous cast members attending were Patrick Muldoon, Christie Clark, Wayne Northrop, Renee Jones, and Blake Berris. Greg Meng and Ken Corday were also there in addition to Ali’s mother and children. SOD later did a write-up making it sound like most people were just visiting for the party. Kristian tweeted pic that included the Kate/Sami portrait and what looks like a moving box in the mansion. Terrell tweeted a pic with Ali where an urn and a picture of EJ are visible on the mantle.

Eric Martsolf: @Ali_Sweeney This guy will miss you. Much. @nbcdays
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Alison SweeneyVerified [email protected]_Sweeney·
@2CLumi thanks for the love & support! We are SO grateful. I am so touched by everything.
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Alison Sweeney@Ali_Sweeney · 1h
@lumirules thank you so much!!! I love the gorgeous arrangement. Bamboo!!! :)
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Kate Mansi @KateMansi 37s
Scenes with @ali_sweeney. Really gonna miss this chick. http://www.whosay.com/l/yLq8qtu
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Steve Udell: On their way to work! #days
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Kristian Alfonso: @Ali_Sweeney XO
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TerrellRansomJr: Headed to #Salem to see my #Days fam! Trying to get this homework done! #DOOL #Theo http://t.co/nE02RHDq43

Deidre Hall (Pic of Deidre and Drake)
This is a day filled with all the love and friendship of 21 years. http://fb.me/2eBLMDBwM

Deidre Hall (Deidre, Wayne and Drake)
And appearances by deeply cherished cast. http://fb.me/1nuMt7XRk

Thanks for the memories @TerrellRansomJr @Ali_Sweeney @DeidreHall #days #dool pic.twitter.com/4Xu2rMNwKQ
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Wayne went to Days to say goodbye to TV Daughter & hi to his longtime friends! xo https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=769866489711098

Drake Hogestyn @DrakeHogestyn
Wayne Northrop...a true class act! pic.twitter.com/lR5ajDjWQM
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TerrellRansomJr: I'm really going to miss you @Ali_Sweeney !! #Sami #Theo #DOOL #Days http://t.co/NijYOtUTec
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Wally Kurth @wallykurth
At ally's party today. Nice to b at Days and c old friends!
Posted Image

Guy Wilson
"pic from this morning while blocking scenes. Our esteemed stage manager, Stuart, sits in BG :) #Days #WilSon"
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Lynn Herring
Posted Image

Deidre Hall (Deidre and Ken Corday)
It's always a treat to catch up with Ken!! http://fb.me/12UPVwaE5

from Deidre's FB page:
Christie, Ali and Deidre
"How wonderful to see Ali and Christie together!!"

Deidre and Wayne
"Oh my gosh! Wayne's arrival brought down the house!!"

Ken Corday hugging Ali

"Ken's farewell to Ali as we all stood by, Dave, Ali's mother and children, was deeply moving."

Wayne, Ali, and Josh
"Sami and her two dads."

Christie, Ali, Deidre and Kate
"Girl party!!!"

Patrick Muldoon and Deidre “Just one more before turning in!!! Who doesn’t remember and love Austin!!!”

Lynn Herring @TheLynnHerring
Great group at Days, Wayne was overwhelmed with warmth and hugs!! Like our GH family!! xo #GH #DAYS pic.twitter.com/sV9OeNUYs4

Posted Image

Awesome day @Christie__Clark @KateMansi @Ali_Sweeney @ericmartsolf @Ari_Zucker @ShawnC4real @greg_vaughan pic.twitter.com/WNY7dzNC8f
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“@1BSBFAN: "@docandjohn4ever Love this picture @nbcdays @DeidreHall @Ali_Sweeney @Christie__Clark @MuldoonPatrick pic.twitter.com/RkVNYpveBy"<3”
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Daily Summaries
Days of our Lives
Monday, May 19, 2014

Nicole and Eric make love!

Sami and EJ receive shocking news.

Lucas lands in hot water when Hope catches him in a lie.

Theresa puts a damper on JJ’s first real date with Paige.

Days of our Lives
Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Daniel gives Nicole an ultimatum.

Eric tells Marlena of his engagement to Nicole.

John’s actions inadvertently push Brady further towards Theresa.

Hope isn’t pleased to hear what Aiden’s been up to behind her back.

Days of our Lives
Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Nicole has a stunning proposition for Eric.

Sami explodes when she learns Eric plans to marry Nicole.

Gabi has an unexpected request regarding Arianna’s custody agreement.

Kate accuses Lucas of shooting Nick!

Days of our Lives
Thursday, May 22, 2014

A desperate Nicole comes up with an outrageous lie to keep the truth from Eric.

EJ questions Kate’s feelings for Stefano.

Abigail is horrified by EJ’s admission.

Jordan and Ben worry about their past catching up to them.

Days of our Lives
Friday, May 23, 2014

Nicole realizes she’s running out of time and urges Eric to agree to her plan.

Hope corners Lucas with damning evidence, and he reluctantly makes a confession about the night Nick was shot.

Sami blasts Kate for allowing Stefano back into her life.

After confiding in Abigail, EJ urges her to keep quiet.

SOD Articles
Nicole's secret exposed
Will confesses
Summer preview

Odds & Ends
Rumors that Molly Burnett is returning circulated
Ratings were down over last week and last year
Laura Kai Chen (Melinda Trask) mentioned being at Days in March, so should air again in August
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