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May 30 2014, 06:39 AM
As near as I can see Brady is responsible for Brady's behavior. Theresa shares some of his issues/love of booze and drugs, sure. However, why is she the "bad guy" when we've not seen her dragging him kicking and screaming into her bed. Why is Theresa the problem? Unless of course she's a "bitch" and this forty year old alcoholic and drug addict is her poor innocent victim.

If you ever go to an alanon meeting (for families of alcoholics and drug addicts), they tell you that you can't blame the co-dependent significant other for your love one's problems. The addict is solely to blame and solely responsible for getting away from people who are unhealthy to be around. They'll also tell you that pouring out booze is a waste of money. The addict will just get pissed and get more.
I don't get the feeling that Brady is blaming Theresa for his state.

He's messed up and he's happy to have company.
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