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May 31 2014, 05:17 PM
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If I'm remembering correctly, on the day of the clothes shredding incident Ciara had been dropped off at Bo and Hope's house so she could spend time with Bo but he had Caroline come over and take care of her so he could chase after Carly. Also, Ciara at one point had seen Bo and Carly kissing after Bo forgot to turn off his computer after skyping with Ciara. I can't remember if that was before or after the clothes shredding though.
I feel like the Skype kissing was after the clothes cutting, but I may be wrong. lol. I've tried to block anything having to do with Carly & Bo as a couple out of my memory.
I didn't mind Bo and Carly. Then again I liked them the first time around.

I had forgotten about the clothes cutting. I can't even imagine what hell she's going to have in store for Aiden after he and Hope get together. Hope may be on the receiving end too if Ciara decides that her mommy dating Aiden is the reason her daddy isn't coming home. Of course since we only seem to be getting Hope and Aiden together once a week now(can't take time away from the Days of Daniel's life), Ciara may be in high school before Hope and Aiden become romantically involved.
As it stands right now, Ciara seems to like Aiden. And Bo's been gone for so long that I don't think that Ciara would blame Aiden for Bo's continued absence (then again, TomSell could decide to do whatever they want).
My hope would be that, if Ciara does act out towards Aiden being romantically involved with Hope, that it's because she's afraid that Aiden will replace her dad.
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