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May 31 2014, 07:44 PM
May 31 2014, 07:25 PM
One thing (well one major thing) bothered me about Friday's episode. On Friday, we were led to believe that Sonny never suspected Will because "Will was upbeat this whole time." And Will was protecting Lucas or someone else or everyone. I am still not clear about Will. WTF! I thought we were led to believe from the start that Will and Sonny both suspected the other but neither wanted to say it. If not, what was all the "I'll do anything for you" talk about? It's like the writers did this on purpose to make us believe that either Will or Sonny did it. In a lame way they tried to create a mystery (remember Jordan and Ben's icky vibe when Ben was introduced), by making everyone talk and act like a suspect, except Gabi.

Also, I would have preferred Will not to martyr himself and instead confess about shooting EJ. There is no prosecutor in the whole world who would have charged him. He would do community service the most. The adults in his life, including the "victim" decided to lie or withhold evidence so he should just come forward once and for all before someone else blackmails him with this thing.

Anyway, I don't think Will was dumb for doing this. I agree with honeybee, Will is impetuous and passionate, just like his parents. He acts with his heart sometimes and not his head which makes him do reckless things.
There is a bit of a contradiction there, in the sense that Sonny wiped the prints off the gun and I certainly got the impression that he thought it had been used by Will. However, Will most certainly saw that the gun had been fired and assumed Sonny did it, but I can't remember how carefully Sonny examined the gun before putting in back at Victor's post-murder.

It is possible he suspected Will but then realized Will's behavior didn't read guilty and wasn't going to tell Ejami of his earlier suspicions.

Or maybe I'm just fanwanking. But I sure hope Sonny calls Will out for thinking Sonny would let him go to jail if Sonny was the guilty one. I also wonder if Hope is assuming Will is protecting Gabi, which is also plausible.
I bet Will knows more about guns than Sonny. After all, Will is Kate's grandson. I am sure she thought him how to shoot the same time she was teaching him how to play poker. Will immediately recognized the gun was fired but Sonny didn't even think about the bullets.

Maybe Sonny wiped the prints because he didn't want their fingerprints to be there if someone else uses the gun. It would be really nice if the show addressed some of the inconsistencies by having Will and Sonny have a heart-to-heart talk about what happened and why they acted the way they did. But knowing this show they'll never address any of these contradictions.
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